Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Self-Learning Comic Lessons

I ordered a few books from recently. This is one of the most interesting ones I've looked into. The title Drawing Words & Writing Pictures is a great title for a book! It starts you thinking differently right from the beginning. The book is set up as a textbook with instructions for learning the comics trade.

I would love to go to comics university (Center for Cartoon Studies) in Vermont, but it really isn't in the cards for me at this time. The next best thing would be long-distance learning. Since that is too expensive for my tastes, and would require a huge block of time to accomplish at a university pace, I have decided to follow the instructions in the book and work through the lessons one-by-one. I'll be working at my own pace (ie: slow) so I can still fit in my full-time job, my weekly lessons in Biblical Hebrew, and have a bit of social time with family and friends. I am hoping to keep plugging along with work on my various websites, too.

I have it in my mind that I want to draw/write a graphic novel over the next couple years. I'll work on parts of it as I go through the instructions in the book - explore subject matter I'm thinking of including in the novel, etc. I don't have a solid idea of the storyline for the graphic novel, but I do have a general idea. That's fine for me at the moment. It will flesh out more as I get going.

So far I have just taken time to flip through and peruse a few chapters. It looks so interesting. I can't wait to get started on it. First off, though . . . I want to do a bit of re-ordering my drawing table and the tools I'll be using. I've kind of gotten started with that, but need to finalize it all.

Just for your info, there is a website that goes along with the info in the book. If you want to take a peek, go here: And of course, as I get going with this, I'll post photos or links to show you how I'm doing with this. It should be fun!