Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inspirational Drawing Blogs

I spent time today exploring various sites on the internet. The main subject matter of my exploration had to do with scrappy quilting sites. I've picked up several good reference sites for some more quilts I want to make in the future - to help in using up my scrap fabric. While exploring I also came upon Andrea Joseph's blog. She is an illustrator who has got some very impressive work going on over there. Her skill with making finely detailed pen drawings is amazing. Just seeing her stuff inspires me to want to get out my pens and paper and start drawing again.

I signed up to participate in two mini zine swaps over on This will provide me with an excuse to do just that. The zines are simple little booklets made up from one standard sheet of copy paper. There are simple instructions to fold and snip the paper so it turns into a little booklet. You provide the drawings, or paste-up of copy how ever you want. Then you scan it and print out copies which are mailed out to the other swappers. For the one page zines one can find a whole bunch of tutorials on line about making them. The folding of the paper is easy. Here is one link ( ) that shows how to do it. This link is all about Science Zines. It is easy to find ideas and resources on any number to subjects to write your zine about. Here is another link that is kind of fun. The Crafty Chica uses these mini zines as a promotional tool to hand-out when she goes to conventions. She suggests you may want to use them for other functions as well (see below or click here to go to the Crafty Chica website). While looking around to find these video links I also came across this one at Roz Wound Up blog. Her format is different, but still makes an eight page zine - that is larger - from one sheet of paper. It involves more copy time because it uses both sides of the single sheet of paper. I would probably use my long-arm stapler to hold the pages together just because it would be quicker than the hand stitching she shows there in her video.

The Crafty Chica video:

My first mini zine swap is based on Mexican food. I have some recipes that I will write out and add some of my own hand-drawn illustrations to accompany them. This swap requirement is to use the eight page mini zine format like the Crafty Chica and the Science zines above.

The second mini zine does not have a theme assigned with it or a format requirement. I will do mine on something to do with sewing or quilting - or maybe even drawing. Haven't narrowed it down just yet. I think I may do my second zine in the style shown by the 'Roz Wound Up' blog . . . so one of each style just to see how they go. The larger page size would give room for more copy, and more drawings. Since I'll be copying them here at home I'm not really that concerned with extra cost and time to do both sides of the paper.

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