Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zentangles and Doodling Around

I played around with another Zentangle type drawing near the end of February. These designs are strictly made up on my own. I have hopped around the web looking at other's drawings and admired many of them, but up to this point have not taken time to seriously study the tangle patterns and how they're made. I want to do that in the future as a fun pastime. Just haven't taken the time so far.

It was fun playing around with lines and shapes on this drawing. I was trying to get a mix of things going on, but wonder if it is too busy. I suppose that all depends upon one's perspective on any given day. In a way I like all the activity going on because there is a lot to look at and notice in the design. But then again, I wonder if it is a bit disjointed and erratic. Not so peaceful to look at. It does seem to have a lot of energy about it. Lots of activity going on there.

I read about some Zentangle swaps on and considered doing some. So far I haven't signed up for any of those. One swap that sounded interesting was to draw up a little mini book filled with a minimum of 15 tangle patterns. Now that would be a good exercise and help me in learning some of the established patterns. There are a whole lot of patterns out there. A quick peek at will lead you to lots more info about doing these little drawings. It really is a fun hobby to partake in.

Here's a link I found from the Zentangle Youtube channel: Go take a peek at their how-to video and I know you will have fun doodling and tangling as well.

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