Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting Creative with a Cue (or Without a Clue?)

I had indicated early on in the year that I wanted to participate with Terry Stegmiller and the Three Creative Studios - Creatvie Cue project. Ha! Epic fail . . . here it is already into December and I only managed to complete the first two cue words! I did the first word: East and the second word: Heel. After that, I continued to go check out her site and the list of word cues, but . . . well . . . nothing. It's kind of pathetic, but I have followed the words and managed to log onto the forum fairly often to see what some of the others were doing with the words. But I have been a real putz about actually making any of the word prompts into drawings. Since I want to change some of my activities and become more involved with drawing again, I have decided to jump back into the Creative Cue pool and work on this week's word: Bell. How 'bout that!? Just jump from week 2 to week 48. Not exactly a triumph, but . . . oh well . . . life goes on; try again.

At one point (several months into the year) I thought to go back to the beginning of the list to catch up and make the words work as a story - a type of comic book story or graphic novel. I had some ideas rolling 'round in my head on how that might work. I may still work on that . . . make them into an on-going story. Creative Cue - The Graphic Novel. Ha, ha! How's that sound? Hey, it's something to try while I hone my skills at drawing again! Why not? Hmmmm . . . we'll see. Afterall, I've been tracking all the words, as you can see by these photos, and have the pages divied up - four words per page. I didn't think it worth the trouble to photograph each and every page, but believe me they're flagged with sticky notes on each page what the cue words are supposed to be, and in proper order. Some of the words seem they would flow together nicely into dialog in a story, but others are a bit erratic.

Erratic . . .

Like that would stop me . . .

It'd make for a good challenge . . .

Stay tuned . . .

In case you missed it, here are the drawings I did for the "East" and "Heel" Creative Cues at the beginning of the year:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Comics are Calling

It was years and years ago, during a family visit to the home of someone my parents knew, that I had my first memorable encounter with comic books. That evening we went to supper at their house. Later while our parents visited, we kids went upstairs to play. I was completely enchanted by the huge piles of comic books spread throughout one of the upstairs bedrooms. They were on the shelves, piled in the closet, a box under one of the beds and all over! I was stunned by the sheer numbers of them. We had children's books and maybe a few comic books at our house. I really don't remember how many, but nowhere near the volume their kids had.

I have always been drawn to art . . . and drawing pictures, coloring, painting, etc. And I have always loved reading - ever since I learned (with delight!) that I could decipher and read the words myself. I loved that I could read on my own and figure things out without having to wait for someone else to do it for me. It's only natural that combining these two 'loves' in the form of comic books would be the perfect mesh. And being told that night after supper than we kids should go run along and play . . . to walk into that room with all those comic books was like walking into Wonderland!

As the summer turned into fall this year I was feeling drawn back to comic books, and comic book art. These days it is referred to sequential visual art, graphic novels and other monikers. No matter the name, it still enchants me. Those little panels with the blending of drawn images and story telling seemed a sublime mix. What a wonderful way to communicate! It uses both one's visual acuity and verbal skills. I picked up a couple books with instruction on making comic books some time back: Making Comics - Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels, and Understanding Comics - The Invisible Art. Both books are by Scott McCloud. He's got a website, too.

I am working my way through these and some other books on comics - all in the hopes of teaching myself how to make my own professional quality comics. This, my new blog, will be a place to share my comics as they materialize.